Hey, lovely readers!

When it comes to sharing my knowledge and experiences, I want to establish a trustworthy connection with every one of you.


let’s jump into my story and how it shaped me into an authority in the world of fashion, beauty, jewelry, and being a woman.

As a Filipina born and raised in the beautiful Philippines, I have a deep appreciation for the vibrant culture and rich traditions that surround me. This upbringing instilled in me a sense of pride and authenticity that reflects in my daily life and writing.

From a young age, I found myself captivated by the allure of clothes, fashion, makeup, and all things beautiful.

I would spend hours experimenting with different styles, exploring various types of jewelry, and embracing the transformative power of fashion.

But here’s the thing,

Belly Joy Bajana

I’m not here to complicate things. I’m here as a kind, loving, and caring woman, just like you. I understand the importance of simplicity in our lives, but I also believe in adding a touch of glam to elevate our everyday moments.

Fashion, for me, is not just about following trends or wearing expensive items. It’s a personal expression of our unique style and a way to boost our confidence. It’s about embracing our individuality and inspiring others to do the same.

Belly Joy Bajana

And beauty, oh, it’s a marvelous thing!

It’s not solely based on external appearances but also encompasses the warmth of our hearts and the kindness we radiate. True beauty is a reflection of our inner selves, and it shines through when we embrace our authentic selves.

Through my experiences and adventures in the fashion and beauty industry, I’ve learned valuable lessons about self-expression, self-care, and the power of uplifting others.

I’ve had the privilege of incorporating my knowledge from renowned brands like Bulgari, Cartier, Jeanne Toussaint, Coco Chanel, Anne Klein, and Miuccia Bianchi Prada.

Belly Joy Bajana Fun Facts

I love mango’s, banana que’s, and rice.

I love fashion, beauty, and simplicity.

I love being a Filipina Woman that is lovable, caring, and understanding.

In this vast world of fashion, beauty, and being a woman, I want you to trust that I bring a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to empower and inspire you.

With our unique writing style, we’ll explore exciting trends, discover hidden gems, and provide honest reviews that you can rely on.


my dear readers, let’s go on this journey together.

Trust that I will always have your best interests at heart, sharing my experiences and insights to guide you toward embracing your unique style and discovering the joy of being a confident, beautiful, and empowered woman.

Cheers to our fabulous adventure ahead!

Simplicity and Glamour

I have a unique ability to combine the two seamlessly. My fashion sense showcases the appreciation for elegance and sophistication while maintaining a minimalist approach.

Kindness and Care

My genuine nature and loving personality shine through in my interactions with others. My compassionate spirit sets me apart from the many others within the relm of things related to the topics I write about.

Femininity and Beauty

I embrace and embody the essence of being a woman. My understanding of femininity goes beyond external appearances and focuses on the beauty that comes from within.

Confidence and Inspiration

I exude self-assurance and inspire others through my words and actions. My ability to uplift and motivate sets me apart, empowering others to embrace their own uniqueness.