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My pride within my soul helps me to have determination and an understanding of things.

Belly Joy Bajana

About Me

Hi! I’m Belly Joy Bajana

Welcome to my website and my life as a Filipina living in the Philippines.

I am a Filipina Woman who is proud of being the person I am today. Kind, gentle and loving to my family, relatives, and friends. The helpful person I am today allows me the ability to easily respect others, feel beauty like I never have before. Create my own fashion style. And live a simple lifestyle.

The Philippines is filled with good, friendly people, who are helpful, caring, and loving. Many from around the world visit my country because of the peacefulness and beauty my country provides in its landscapes of islands, and the everyday life of things.

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I Found My Beauty!

Tried every new best recommendation from every influencer and celebrity to only feel disappointed. To feel like it’s time to just give up and be miserable forever!

Then to add to this, your best friend messages you talking about some exact product and how it makes her look beautiful. Blah, blah, blah. Seems like nothing is meant to work for some of us, am I right?

This is because we honestly just do not know enough about ourselves. Beauty is many things. From our soul to our essence. Sure our looks will fade as we age, but for now we still want to look good too right?

The truth is, we can, we just need to know a little more about what makes us, us. From tones to shades and everything inbetween.

Fashion, Beauty, or Lifestyle Headaches?

Starting a day feeling miserable just because of any one or all of the possible reasons is a easy way to decide to stay in bed and sleep the day away. It would be great if this actually worked.

But. we get out of bed don’t we? Then we see ourselves in the mirror wishing we could just turn it off. Our hair has been entangled into a mess. What we anticipated? Even worse. Plus we feel like we gained 5 lbs. ( 10 Kg ) overnight. When we go to get dressed, this is confirmed in our mind as we struggle to find anything that fits right, nothing looks good enough. Blah, miserable.

Learning how to feel beautiful, that’s the moment it changes. Today is not a miserable day because we always win against the day. The reviews, tips, and everything here in my website will more than help you have a better day. It will help you feel amazing and be amazing everyday.

Wake Up Feeling Beautiful, and Happy!

Woke up staring at the ceiling, wondering about things. Things that annoy the, ah yeah.

Things like this make us feel crazy sometimes doesn’t it? Not only that, but we start thinking about other things while just waking and laying in bed. The what ifs or the I bets. Many times, somehow we end up more annoyed than when we started our day!! Blah!

It doesn’t have to be like this though. We can change this. All that added stress we put on ourselves. The stress we allow others to project onto us.. We don’t have to allow that.

We deserve to awake feeling good, feeling happy and feeling beautiful.


Fashion is not just about wearing cute clothes, you know? When you find your own style, it’s like you’re telling a story about yourself without saying a word. It gives you this confidence boost and a way to express who you are.


Lifestyle is about creating a life that feels right. A well-crafted lifestyle can be your signature, and trust me, it can be as contagious as a smile. Live authentically and love every moment of it!.


Beauty is more than just looking good. It’s about that feel-good vibe and how others see you too. Feeling beautiful can open up so many doors and just make life feel that much better. Trust me, it’s a game changer!

Fashion Is So Simple!

Walked into the closet, mind blown by where to even start. Blouses, dresses, shoes, and this is just the begining.

Now to pick what we are going to wear, yet we tried on 4 pairs of jeans, 3 T Shirts, 2 Blouses, 2 Dresses, and still nothing satifies our craving for just wanting to feel good. There’s more things I can say here girl, but lets just leave this with that feeling of: blah!

Stop picking out what you want to wear in th moment you are going to wear it. Sounds crazy? What I mean is, when we are rushed, when we are having other things going on all at the same time. We are setting ourselves up for a headache.

Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere else then all day trying to figure out what to wear?